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GAWL carries out repairs for all sorts of Saloons, SUVs, and Commercial vehicles (such as Pickups & Vans), from simple to challenging mechanical jobs.


We have good experience in overhauling old rusty cars so that they can later be sold at a higher value.  To begin with, the whole car is dissembled first, including the engine and all mechanical parts, remaining with an empty shell. Gas and Panel beating are used to mend the rusted body. We then head over to the body shop to paint the shell of the car. When the paintwork has dried, each part is carefully fixed and assembled in its correct position. Once everything has come together, the car is then polished and buffed thoroughly to bring back to its new condition.


GAWL also specializes in Facelifts such as converting the entire look of the car from a previous model to a recent version. A car can be upgraded and its value increased by changing the shape, body parts, rims, body kit and also making some changes in the interior such as the dashboard or seats.


Moreover, our team has a wealth of experience in repairing and restoring vintage/ classic cars. Restoration keeps your most prized vehicle in condition and enhances sentimental value so you can love it even more.

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